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Travis Richey turning life's mess into a message of purpose

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Travis Richey has been fighting recidivism and addressing the social problems of mass incarceration by providing the incarcerated population and returning citizens the job skills and training they need to succeed. Having experienced the setback of prison, Travis' message is a living testament of how the past does not have to define one's future. And taking on the responsibility of transforming their past mess into a message of hope and second chances, they are now making a mark in the lives of countless inmates through AccomplishED Ventures, a company that offers educational, job training, and hard skills for reentry and returned citizens. Its establishment is in recognition of how the prison system and its ill-informed decisions regarding inmates contribute to the reoffending rate in the US.

Travis Richey is credited for developing a curriculum that focuses on life skills, such as overcoming adversity. It is utilized for teaching courses that respond to the immediate needs that an inmate will have within the first week of being released, including employment and housing. And with this curriculum, together with his speaking engagements, this Tony Robbins of the prison world has established himself as a go-to resource in the field.

Through educational courses and digital training programs across the country, AccomplishED Ventures has taught hundreds of thousands of incarcerated individuals. It has enabled inmates to look beyond their circumstances, plan a better life once they leave prison, and, most importantly, identify a purpose. Believing that people have a definite reason for living, it puts a premium on pinpointing and exploring one's "why" to remain grounded as they follow a track toward a happier and more fulfilling destination.

Travis Richey AccomplishED Ventures

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