• Travis Richey

ConvictEd Life Podcast Launched to Help Incarcerated Individuals

It’s not easy to have a fresh start in life when you have to tick off “convicted of a felony or crime” on a job application. But entrepreneurs Travis Richey and Zach Babcock are hoping to change that. Richey and Babcock have just launched the ConvictED Life podcast, which features real-world inspiration and advice for incarcerated and returning individuals who will face significant challenges once they re-enter the workforce.

Richey, who has personal experience with incarceration, noticed there was a gap in what inmates were learning and what skills they needed upon release. “Because of my MBA, I was released from the yard everyday and taught a Business 101 course at the local community college,” Richey says. “I realized any and all curriculum on the yard was garbage and so I wanted to not just complain about something, but actually make a difference.”

Based on that experience, Richey started AccomplishED in 2013 — a digital program that provides job skills and training for incarcerated and returning individuals.

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