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The most valuable commodity on this planet resides between those ears of yours and you have two choices.

You can run it, you can program it, you can control it, you can strengthen it, or you can allow someone else to, plain and simple, done and done.

I don’t wanna hear about your situation or your excuses. Contrary to Instagram nobody has a clear cut path all the way to the top of the mountain before 8am with glowing skin.

Here’s some incredible failures:

Walt Disney - fired from his job for lack of imagination.

Michael Jordan - cut from his high school basketball team.

JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter living on welfare.

Colonel Sanders was 62 when he pitched KFC to 1,009 companies.

So, you see, it’s rare that successful people have a smooth run. In fact, you could argue that one of the prerequisites for success is some hurdles along the way that help you build strength, resilience and intestinal fortitude.

Assuming that you’re gonna make it on your first try or thinking you don’t deserve repeated failure on your journey gives disrespect to these incredible individuals who failed miserably for years until they finally won. The path of least resistance is a sham! Stay hard.

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