• Travis Richey

Elephants Don't Bite

It is generally the small things in life that keep us up at night. And it is always the small changes in the road of life that ever so gently veer us off course. To be more specific, we have all been kept up scratching at that most irritating mosquito bites. You know the one right behind your knee cap or inside your calf or the one down by your ankle that always gets bit! No one that you or I have ever met has been bitten by an elephant (and lived to tell about it). Those elephant bites don’t keep you up at night.

In life, it is the daily and perhaps hourly decisions that dictate our future path. Small, consistent changes whether they be headed down the right or the wrong path will ultimately lead you to where you deserve to go. Notice I didn’t say where you want to go, but deserve to go. We deserve the level of fulfillment we achieve in life by the actions we chose to make in life. We deserve the outcomes we receive by the level of mediocrity we are willing to justify in our day to day. Each individual wakes up with the same 24 hours to choose a life of misery or a life or glory. All things boil down to choices; it is the choices, not the circumstances that dictate destiny.

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