• Travis Richey

Travis Richey on his Securus partnership and 1 Million Tablets!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

During the COVID pandemic, hundreds of thousands of inmates were subject to 24/7 lockdown; away from loved ones, education and daily routine. We saw a need and we filled the void. AccomplishED created education, wellness and reentry curriculum along with Securus Technologies to deliver on-demand programming to inmates Nationwide.

AccomplishED helps Hundreds of Thousands of Incarcerated Individuals learn about job skills, access reentry resources, apply for jobs, and learn about financial literacy and entrepreneurship all through the prison tablets.

AccomplishED, which is now on 500,000 tablets in 122 prisons nationwide in the United States, provides in-prison programming and education, along with online education and job training, support and employment opportunities for returning individuals. Richey created this initiative to give back to an underserved population.

“We go inside and we teach the incarcerated and the returned citizens financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and job skills,” Richey says. “Those courses enable them to understand some of the real-world trades and skills they are going to be up against once they are out.”

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