• Travis Richey

Travis Richey & Zachary Babcock ConvictEd Life Podcast

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

ConvictED Life Podcast Touches Lives and Reshapes the Future One Story at a Time!

Most people allow themselves to be controlled by their own self-limiting beliefs. They enable these hindrances to fuel their doubts, anxieties, and fears, straying these individuals from realizing their potential. Although there is nothing wrong with putting one foot out the door, growth begins when people shy away from their comfort zones. This circumstance gives them a chance to live a life filled with success and fulfillment. As people who were once shackled by the restrictive credence they give to themselves, Travis Richey and Zach Babcock decided to break away from their past and chose success in the years to come. Today, they stand as inspirational icons for felons and formerly convicted individuals around the world by breathing life into their passion project, the ConvictED Life Podcast.

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